1 - What does MTT stand for?

 It stands for Multi-Table Tournament. It basically means any tournament that starts with two or more tables. A tournament with only one table is called a Sit and Go(SNG).

2 - How much can I make playing tournaments?

  If you are a bad player you obviously will lose money in the long run.So you can be anything from a loser to a slight winner to a big winner. The biggest winners online will average $100K - $400K a year.

 To have a more precise answer based on your stakes,expected ROI and number of games check out the Expected Profit Calculator on our Poker Tools - MTT Iphone App.

3 - Isn't poker a game of chance?

 Poker does have an element of chance but is primarily a game of skill. While a skilled player can have a losing session or even a losing month they will pretty much never have a losing year if they practice good bankroll management and play a decent amount of games.

4 - Who are the best tournament poker players in the world?

 In live poker I'd mention Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu and Elky for their continuous solid results. Online djk123, ch0ppy and cal42688 are some of the best.

5 - What is a good ROI for tournament poker?

 It depends on number of entrants, toughness of field among other things.A 50% ROI is pretty solid and achievable in most games.

6 - Should I use third party programs such as Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager?

 I definetely reccomend those programs. Not only you get to track your results but you also get a complete picture of your opponents playing styles.They will definitely help you win/increase your win rate if you use it wisely. Our Poker Tools - MTT app also has a very convenient Quick Results Tracker tool.