1- What is an achievable ROI for HUSNG?

 That obviously depends on a few things, the most important factors being buy-in level, speed, site and rake.

 But based on my experience and looking at the stats for some of the top HUSNG players, here is a general guideline for Pokerstars players:

 buy-in   ROI 

 $ 7      10%

$ 20     8%

$50      6%

$100     5%

$200     4%

$500     3%


2 - Is it possible to make a living exclusively from HUSNG poker?

 It certainly is and many people do it but keep in mind that if you don't have a large bankroll it might take a while even if you are very skilled because you should use solid bankroll management to avoid going bust.


3 - Ok, so how much can I make?

  You can earn from a few bucks a month if you are a microstaker to something between $500K-$1M a year if you are the best in the business.

 On average a solid full-time player should earn something like this:

 buy-in   profit(year)

   $7        ~$5K

   $20     ~$12K

   $50      ~$25K

  $100     ~$40K

  $200     ~$60K

  $500     ~$100K


To have a more precise idea based on your expected win percentage, number of games and stake check out the Expected Profit Calculator on our Poker Tools - HUSNG Iphone app.


4 - What is a good bankroll to have?

 A general guideline is to have at least 50 buy-ins of the level you are playing. But that also depends on other factors such as your expected ROI. To get a better picture check out the Risk of Ruin Calculator on our  Poker Tools - HUSNG Iphone app. 


5 - Which site should I play?

 Stars is the choice of most players because it is a reputable company with decent software most importantly a lot of action which means you can get a game almost any time however in my opinion it is also the toughest so I reccomend to at least try out a site like Party Poker or 888 poker.


6 - Should I use third party programs such as Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager?

 I definetely reccomend those programs. Not only you get to track your results but you also get a complete picture of your opponents playing style.They will definitely help you win/increase your win rate if you use it wisely. Our Poker Tools - HUSNG app also has a very convenient Quick Results Tracker tool.